I’m an interdisciplinary researcher, designer, and engineer, passionate about Human-Computer Interaction and fascinated by the intersections of art, design, and technology. I’m interested in creating new, more empowering and humane, ways to interact with computers.

You can find me tinkering and exploring in Taipei, Taiwan at the NTU HCI Lab, using computers to create delightful and exciting experiences.

My research interests focus on the Human of Human-Computer Interaction and include (but are not limited to) creativity with computers, tangible interaction, spatial computing, and novel interfaces+interactions.

I’m currently studying software engineering and conducting research in the Human-Computer Interaction Lab remotely at the University of Waterloo. I’m also the designer for UW Flow (a course review platform) and From the Intercom (a music+film blog for Asian-American artists). In the past, I was a software engineering intern at startups in various industries (education, retail, advertising, and consulting).

If there's anything here that interests you, reach out and let's chat!


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"The purpose of any tool ought to be to
help human beings become more human."

Howard Rheingold, Tools for Thought